on top our building is a rooftop with goed air. we have been reflecting on urban open air policies in @summerhill_atl and we have found the following practices to be of goed standing:

contactless mobile ordering
mask required always while not seated
p h y s i c a l d i s t a n c i n g
table person limit – six humans
single occupancy bathroom

“Since the Great Oxygenation Event, when cyanobacteria provided oxygen we have known it has persisted in Earth’s atmosphere” providing Open and goed air on our rooftop primarily by circulation and the heating between the equator and poles. This results a difference in atmospheric pressure. Atlanta, GA has air, said a senior research scientist at Halfway Crooks Beer Human Factors Engineering for the Environment and Sustainability. “We must use this air as a note during these times, and as a result our rooftop deck will re-open with the safety measures described above and the picture released by our high-res graphics dept.”

Rooftop Closed

TO-GO ONLY for now. We have looked at the DATA 📈 and we are going to offer TO-GO only for now. The DATA must improve 📉 We love you. I love you.

Southern Restaurants for Racial Justice

We’re partnering with a group called Southern Restaurants for Racial Justice. The goal is to hold one fundraiser every month to benefit Black-led, grassroots organizations in the South.

Halfway Crooks will join a loose coalition of bakers, chefs, brewers, and restaurant owners who want to give back to Black-led organizations that are actively working to dismantle systemic racism and oppression in our society.

In joining Southern Restaurants for Racial Justice, we hope to become an integral part of a network that provides ongoing support, raising money for many years to come. The organization’s first effort will be a fundraiser on Father’s Day to honor George Floyd. We will be donating a minimum of 10% of sales that day to Color of Change.

Black Lives Matter

Hello. We love you.

We believe we have a responsibility in the fight against systemic racism. That it’s not enough to simply say, “We’re not racist.” We believe in anti-racism. We believe that silence is violence. We believe in difficult conversations and the promise of a better future.

Halfway Crooks began almost a year ago—three white men joining a predominantly-white-man industry. We know we have a lot more work to do as allies. We will continue to listen, learn, think, and act. We hope you’ll work with us.

We also plan to continue speaking up and backing our words with action. (Stay tuned for more on that in the days ahead.) For now, we stand in solidarity with those demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and every victim of racial injustice. Black lives matter.

How Crispy Express

@howcrispy express residency at @halfwaycrooksbeer begins this week! Here’s how it works:

• Call ahead orders will be accepted from 11am-12pm Sunday and 3pm-4pm Monday and Tuesday. Call 678-705-5530

• Walk up orders only from 12pm-2pm Sunday and 4pm-8pm Monday and Tuesday (or while supplies last).

• Once you arrive, please form a line outside and to the right of the Halfway Crooks entrance. Please keep a distance of at least 6ft from one another.

• Once you placed your order, please wait to the left of the Halfway Crooks entrance, again keeping a safe distance of 6ft or more from one another. Your order will descend from the heavens via our patented Social Distancing Chicken Delivery Bucket ™

• Once you’ve received your order please move along before enjoying.

• Sorry no delivery. Sorry no curbside pickup. Please bear with us as we figure this out and THANK YOU!

How Crispy Menu

**Available for pre-sale on craftcellr starting 04.22.20 at 4pm

All Together
Order ALL TOGETHER by clicking the photo above. Pre-sale starts 04.22.20 at 4PM.

Next Friday and Saturday 12PM-8PM we will release All Together, a 6.5% India Pale Ale. Hosted by Other Half Brewing, All Together is a worldwide, open-ended beer collaboration created to raise support for the industry we love so much. For us, proceeds will go to The Giving Soup Kitchen (Staplehouse & The Giving Kitchen). Staplehouse will prepare meals via the Giving Soup Kitchen and serve them Friday and Saturday from 12pm-6pm in our back parking lot for food service workers at no cost in need during this crisis. We want to extend a special thanks to BSG Craftbrewing for donating hops and Family Bros for designing the label around the Stout Collective base design. Order ALL TOGETHER here on 04.24.20 starting at 4pm. [o]:#alltogetherbeer twitters:#alltogetherbeer

To Reserve a Meal
Sunday Fries
a modern picture of fries with Stoofvleessaus and Mayo requested

Fries are always available, but Sunday is a special day to have fries. Available in a special TO-GO container shaped like an envelope. — There is a famous picture somewhere from a friend of my grandmother that has a wonderful little story in it. It’s a simple tale about how she created this Stoofvleessaus recipe and how mayonnaise was always available, upon request, in her kitchen. On Sundays the fries would be fried and the Stoof would be cooked, gently, for a while. She placed the Stoof upon the fries with care, always a dollop of mayonnaise on top, or if you didn’t want mayonnaise she would accommodate, sometimes. “She didn’t want to make them repeat the steps, she just wanted them to learn the right way to make fries.” 👵🍟💆‍♀️