Rooftop Open 8.14.20


on top our building is a rooftop with goed air. we have been reflecting on urban open air policies in @summerhill_atl and we have found the following practices to be of goed standing:

contactless mobile ordering
mask required always while not seated
p h y s i c a l d i s t a n c i n g
table person limit – six humans
single occupancy bathroom

“Since the Great Oxygenation Event, when cyanobacteria provided oxygen we have known it has persisted in Earth’s atmosphere” providing Open and goed air on our rooftop primarily by circulation and the heating between the equator and poles. This results a difference in atmospheric pressure. Atlanta, GA has air, said a senior research scientist at Halfway Crooks Beer Human Factors Engineering for the Environment and Sustainability. “We must use this air as a note during these times, and as a result our rooftop deck will re-open with the safety measures described above and the picture released by our high-res graphics dept.”